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Wed 8 May, 2013

Cultivating Contentment at Vale de Moses, Portugal

Journalist, author and yoga teacher, Sarah Dawson, reviews the ‘Cultivate Contentment' yoga retreat at Vale de Moses, in Central Portugal.


Mon 11 March, 2013

'Art of Relaxation' retreat: a review

Audrey Gillan's apprehension about joining Satvada retreats' Art of Relaxation weekend quickly melted away in the calm of the Suffolk countryside, and in the midst of nurturing mindful

Tue 29 January, 2013

Ski fitness and yoga in Canada

Journalist Patricia Carswell travelled to Alberta, Canada, for a challenging ski fitness bootcamp - and found the daily yoga sessions transformed her experience.



Mon 3 September, 2012

Raw food and fitness at Split Farthing Hall


Mon 16 April, 2012

Summer yoga & meditation retreats, 2012

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Yoga Travel

Writer and yoga teacher Sarah Dawson re-discovers contentment at Portugese retreat centre, Vale de Moses.


Mindfulneses author & coach Shamash Alidina explains the importance of switching from 'doing' to 'being'.