Since the re-launch of Yoga Abode, we have enjoyed a fast-growing reader base, and some fantastic press coverage - including credits in Psychologies Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Source Magazine, Health & FitnessThe Express newspaper, and websites 50:connect and recruiter.co.uk. We write the monthly Pose of the Month column for Natural Health.


Yoga Abode is also recommended in the widely recommended Body & Soul escapes Britain & Ireland, authored by our Travelling Yogini, Caroline Sylger Jones.


Press credits aside, here is a selection of what yoga practitioners and teachers have been saying about YA:



Tara Fraser - co-founder of Yoga Junction and author of six books on yoga
'Yoga Abode does a really good job of crossing over between popular and serious contents about yoga. The site is easy to navigate and has a fresh, engaging and genuine tone. It is a good, first stop resource for yoga practitioners.'




Lucy Edge  - author of Yoga School DropOut and the newly published The Handbag and Wellies Yoga Club

'I love yoga holidays and I am currently insulating myself against the fast approaching autumn by weighing up the relative merits of India versus Thailand - all courtesy of Yoga Abode's information on yoga getaways. A brilliant place to start your research.'


I must confess that I am also a yoga gossip hound so I love Yoga Abode for the up to the minute news of all things yoga.'




Ralf Marzen, StillPoint Meditation and Therapy Centre

'Great website with loads of interesting information and articles. You can really feel that it was created by people who are passionate about yoga and its tremendous physical and spiritual benefits'





Sarah Schadegg, independent yoga instructor and practioner
'Yoga Abode is an amazing UK based yoga website providing all areas of yoga in one portal. Additionally, it is well organized and extremely well thought out. I recommend Yoga Abode to anyone with a great interest in yoga or even the tiniest of interest as it is so user friendly and diverse in its information.


Thank you Yoga Abode for providing a consolidated platform so yogis and yoginis may easily connect with others, explore new areas in which to study, and gain inspiration and creative direction in any sort of yogic intention.'




Catherine Annis, Scaravelli teacher
'Joy! I've just discovered your site - it's great, thank you! It's so refreshing to see a yoga site that is thoughtful, with great articles, well written and designed and, as an added bonus, hasn't already spammed me trying to get my attention. Thank you.'



Anja Lange, yoga teacher and practioner
'I am really excited that there is a UK website for all things yoga! It is well organised and a great way to get inspired and find new information on yoga related issues and yogic lifestyle. As a yoga teacher and a yoga student I find the articles are informative, well written and up to date and it is nice to connect and network with people in with similar interests.'




Kirsty Norton, yoga teacher and practioner
'I found YA whilst browsing for informative, interesting and helpful yoga sites. What a find! I love it, really useful articles covering my favourite subject, very clean design making it easy to navigate and to find what you want. I love having a wealth of information at my fingertips and YA provides just that. Fantastic!'




Inna Costantini, ashtanga practioner
'YA is a great website and platform for yoga teachers, students and practitioners. The articles range from 'hot off the press' yoga news to in depth yoga features and wellbeing escapes, I've made this one of my favorites, and I love a naughty browse at the office now and then! It's one of my daily doses of healthy e-browsing!'






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