Teacher spotlight

Wed 2 June, 2010

Teacher profile: Eoin Finn

Eoin Finn is one of Canada's best loved yogis. In an exclusive interview, Eoin reflects on what yoga means to him, and his view on how the role of the yoga teacher is to inspire, love, and transform.



Mon 1 February, 2010

Teacher profile: Abby Hoffmann

Ex-dancer Abby Hoffmann tells of her fulfilling journey along the yoga path - a path that began with a strong Ashtanga practice and is currently centred on teaching asanas to contemporary dancers.



Mon 28 September, 2009

Teacher profile: Katy Appleton

After dancing professionally with the English National Ballet, Katy Appleton  switched careers to become a yoga teacher.  As well as leading retreats around the world, she now teaches a glittering roll-call of celebrities, including Geri Halliwell, Sarah Ferguson, Paul Mcartney, Heather Mills

Mon 15 June, 2009

Teacher spotlight: Anne Marie Newland

Anne Marie Newland, founder of Sun Power Yoga, admits that her discovery of yoga turned her life around - and continues to do so. Here, Anne Marie gives her thoughts on the joys and challenges of teaching.


Tue 28 October, 2008

Teacher spotlight: Danielle Nicholls

To change careers from body builder to yoga teacher may be a giant leap - but it's one Danielle Nicholls has embraced and cherished.




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Writer and yoga teacher Sarah Dawson re-discovers contentment at Portugese retreat centre, Vale de Moses.


Mindfulneses author & coach Shamash Alidina explains the importance of switching from 'doing' to 'being'.