Tue 24 August, 2010

Review: Trudie Styler's Core Strength Pilates

Yoga practitioner and teacher Inna Costantini reviews a DVD by Sting's wife, Trudie Styler: Core Strength Pilates.



Wed 9 June, 2010

Hemalayaa - Yoga for Everyone

Ruth Volley finds her preconceptions are tested with Yoga For Everyone - a DVD from Canadian-based yogini, Hemalayaa, that subtly, and joyfully, merges aspects of Indian dance with yoga.


Mon 8 February, 2010

Review: Yoga & You, Leah Bracknell

Lucia Cockcroft enjoys actress Leah Bracknell's well-constructed, realistic yoga DVD, Yoga & You.



Wed 20 January, 2010

Maya Fiennes - Kundalini Yoga: A Journey Through The Chakras

Trainee yoga teacher and journalist Cathryn Scott awakens her first three chakras with 'Courage', Maya Fiennes' Kundalini Yoga DVD.


Fri 20 November, 2009

DVD review: Maya Fiennes - Wisdom and Bliss

Sometimes the more spiritual aspects of yoga can be lost in the physicality of many yoga teachers' approach. Yoga practitioner and trainee journalist, Deborah Nicholson, reviews Maya Fiennes' DVD on the chakras - Wisdom and Bliss.


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Asana of the Month

Yoga Travel

Writer and yoga teacher Sarah Dawson re-discovers contentment at Portugese retreat centre, Vale de Moses.


Mindfulneses author & coach Shamash Alidina explains the importance of switching from 'doing' to 'being'.