Fri 5 August, 2011

A lighter dimension

The Art of partner yoga is not only fun; the practice brings people together and nurtures trust and communcations. Michaela Olexova, of wellbeing website The Baoli,  explains.



Wed 1 June, 2011

Yoga for cancer patients

For a while now, researchers have studied the effect yoga can have on breast cancer patients during the treatment process.


Wed 9 March, 2011

Restorative Yoga: the magic of relaxation

Although most yoga classes in studios and at gyms are strong and dynamic, it is equally important to include Restorative poses in your practice. The practice is especially beneficial for times when you are feeling tired, or under the weather.

Tue 2 November, 2010

Yoga for your knees

The delicate knee joint is at risk in some yoga asanas. But if alignment is correct, and the poses are modified were necessary, yoga can be tremendously healing for the knees, says Sally Parkes.


Mon 19 July, 2010

Beginner's yoga for core strength

We all know that core strength is important - yet there is often litte focus on the core in standard yoga classes. So what are the best asanas to start working on this key area? In the first of two pieces, Sue Fuller from yoga2hear investigates some beginner's poses for core strength.

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Writer and yoga teacher Sarah Dawson re-discovers contentment at Portugese retreat centre, Vale de Moses.


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