Yoga for Sports

Fri 27 November, 2009

Yoga for skiing and Snowboarding

For many, the Winter time brings with it a promise of speeding down steep slopes in the Alps, or further afield.  While hugely different in approach, yoga and skiing are in reality hugely complementary. Michelle King, co-founder of active yoga company AdventureYogi, explains why.


Wed 26 August, 2009

Yoga for runners

In the run-up for the Trees for Cities' 5km London Tree-Athon event,
Inna Costantini looks at the multi-fold benefits of practising yoga for



Tue 25 November, 2008

The enlightened athlete: yoga for boxing

A while ago, ex-professional dancer and yoga teacher Anne-Marie Newland was approached by a keen boxer for yoga lessons. The benefits of a regular yoga practice to boxers can be far-reaching, Newland says here.


Wed 24 May, 2006

Running and yoga: a first person account

To many runners, the idea of yoga holds limited appeal due the perception it has of being slow. In fact, yoga can be a hugely complementary activity, as Natalie Treacher reports.


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