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Mon 21 July, 2008

Dru yoga: an introduction

Dru yoga is based on soft, flowing movements, controlled breathing and visualisation. Now one of the largest yoga teacher training schools in the UK, it is both a graceful and potent form of stress relief.


Wed 14 November, 2007

Yin yoga: the perfect counter-practice

As every good yogi knows, each posture should be followed by a counter pose. But have you considered tempering your dynamic practice with something more static? Journalist Cathryn Scott introduces yin yoga.


Mon 25 September, 2006

A question of style: what makes a good teacher?

classA teacher's style can determine a student's view of yoga for life. Journalist Jennifer Whitehead asks students and teachers for their views on what makes a good teacher.


Tue 18 July, 2006

Dru Yoga: finding the heart centre

 Characterised by powerful, flowing movements that channel and transform the body's energy, Dru Yoga claims to improve people's lives off, as well as on, the mat – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Senior Dru yoga teacher, Jane Clapham, explains.


Tue 18 July, 2006

Bikram yoga: friend or foe?

bikramJade Jagger, Raquel Welsh, John McEnroe, Robert Downey Junior and Julia Roberts are all fans...


The physical benefits include muscle strength, flexibility and impressive weight loss.

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