Tue 26 October, 2010

Tips for Just Sitting

Science is now confirming what yogis have known since ancient times:  a meditation practice can literally change the brain's pathways - helping us relax, centre and, with time, change unhelpful thought patterns and ways of relating to the world.

Fri 9 October, 2009

Tackling stress: yoga and the importance of the breath

Howard Napper is one of the UK's best known yoga teachers and authors. Based in West London, where he teaches at studios including Triyoga, he aims to teach in an inclusive style, addressing some of the real health problems of our age.

Mon 10 March, 2008

The modern art of pranayama

The benefits of pranayama have been known for thousands of years, but is the practice still relevant today? Journalist and yoga practitioner Alison Batley investigates.


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Asana of the Month

Yoga Travel

Writer and yoga teacher Sarah Dawson re-discovers contentment at Portugese retreat centre, Vale de Moses.


Mindfulneses author & coach Shamash Alidina explains the importance of switching from 'doing' to 'being'.