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I've just started learning Ashtanga and would really like to go on a week's (not too hardcore) retreat sometime in February or early March where I can get some qualified teaching, either one to one or in a similar level group, in a relaxed atmosphere. Ideally I'd like some sun, but will be travelling alone, so want somewhere where I'll feel comfortable as a single female traveller. Also, somewhere comfortable but not too expensive would be great. As would optional extras such as meditation / massages.

Any recommendations would be gratefully received!




Hi Ginny   Definitely check

Hi Ginny


Definitely check out the Free Spirit yoga website, as they run fantastic holidays that cater well for single women. I've been to Kerala and Western Crete and enjoyed both. Transfers from airport often included etc.


For Ashtanga I can also recommend the Ibiza Yoga website, although best for an early summer holiday. I'm just off to Purple Valley in Goa for an Ashtanga hol so can let you know what that's like! Good luck and enjoy x

Hi Ginny,   A number of the

Hi Ginny,


A number of the teachers at TriYoga (London) run retreats throughtout the year. Here are a few teachers that I am aware of that run such retreats (I think most of them have their own websites):


Joey Miles

Lara Bauman (not sure if she is still doing Ashtanga Yoga - she is focused on Quantum these days).

Dawn Lintern

Norman Blair


It also might be worth checking out


Hope that helps




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For anyone interested in retreats, we now have a regular roundup of some of the retreats that are happening.


Here are a couple of such roundups:


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