Submitted by jea on Wed, 09/10/2008 - 16:13.

i went to a convention and attended a class by sean corn, she mentioned some things about direct links to illness or physical pain and emotional unwellness. i would like to know the actual name of the study of this so i can research it...

does anyone out there know about this???

a girlfriend gave me some info a year or so ago but since then i've moved & can't seem to find it.

i would greatly appreciate any info regarding this topic...

thank-you kindly


Hi Jea Seane Corn is one of

Hi Jea

Seane Corn is one of my favorite teachers - very inspiring!


Lots of books on that subject - I am reading Anodea Judith's Eastern Body Western Mind, recommended by Seane, try Caroline Myss as well (also recommended by Seane.)


Hope that helps!


Hi Jea and Anja - I keep

Hi Jea and Anja - I keep hearing Seane's name mentioned - what style of yoga does she teach?



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Seane is a fantastic Vinyasa

Seane is a fantastic Vinyasa Flow teacher based in California but travels Worldwide.


She teaches a demanding and challenging class. Not just physically - she has a great ability of understanding and knowledge on how the body-mind connection works in yoga.


She allows you to see how you can take the Yoga of the Mat into the World - the naming of one of her charities - and really that phrase explain what yoga is all about.


I went to her Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training course in Venice Beach this Spring. It was transformative and very inspiring. Both as an already qualified and pratising teacher but also for me as a student of yoga.


Have a look at www.seanecorn.com




Thanks for that Anja - I

Thanks for that Anja - I tend to gravitate towards teachers who focus on the mind-body connection; Seane's teaching sounds great.

I think there is too much emphasis in general on the purely physical side of yoga in the West. Of course that's important, but it should be secondary, in my opinion - otherwise there is too much striving and not much capacity for awareness or meditation.



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jea   thanx for the help,



thanx for the help, insights & info but im still looking for something more specific in regards to the anatomical effects of emotions (especially old un-dealt-with ones), and how to figure out what may be wrong emotionally by the stress within the body... especially chronic pains or symptoms...


eg., i believe its tension in the neck & shoulders that is a sign of relationship issues undealt with... i may be wrong, its been a while since i read up on it!


either way there is a name for, i can't recall, the study of this relationship between emotions & physical symptoms of... i guess i'll have to rack mybrain some more...


i will look into the book thats been mentioned though...


thank you all very much for taking the time to get back to me



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