In the spotlight: Alchemy

Alchemy is London's newest yoga studio - an oasis of calm and space in the heart of Camden market. Lucia Cockcroft interviews joint founder Richard Zimmerman and puts Alchemy in the spotlight.


alchemy yoga londonWhen did Alchemy open and what do you offer?


We opened in April 2008. First and foremost, Alchemy is a centre for personal transformation, offering yoga, meditation, holistic healing, workshops and events. We also offer delicious foods and fresh juices at our juice and healthy foods cafe - all in a beautiful listed building in Camden! The moment you come in from the street, the atmosphere is tranquil and calming, but also energising.



How did Alchemy come into being?


Alchemy was founded by four partners, each of whom were on their own inner journeys and shared a vision for this kind of yoga centre and community. We saw life becoming more and more stressful and felt a strong need for a sanctuary, in the centre of London, that offered refuge and healing.



So you offer a range of yoga?


Yes we offer over 50 classes a week, including kundalini, jivamukti, hatha, vinyasa, taken by 30 highly trained, committed teachers. We have a special commitment to kundalini yoga and offer the widest selection of kundalini yoga in London. We also offer a Level 1 Kundalini teacher training course. The overall aim is to help people de-stress and find some balance.


How much space do you have?


alchemy yoga londonAround 5,000 sq feet, with high vaulted ceilings, historic windows, rustic wooden floors and ageing brick walls. The building was originally a historic stable built in the late 1800s. There are four private treatment rooms and two 'great' rooms, the yoga room and the circle room.




I gather you also have a lovely meditation room?


Yes, the circle room allows the chance for inner reflection through powerful meditative practices such as the Circle for Inner Peace. It's a beautiful room that allows sacred dialogue and intuition and wisdom to flow. Alchemy does not subscribe to any one 'way' or system for meditation. Instead, we believe meditation and other forms of internal reflection help reconnect you to the core of your Being.



What is the philosophy behind Alchemy?


We are a community and a centre for personal development. The idea is for people to come to this space and feel uplifted through yoga, the workshops and the on-site food. Our workshops cover subjects such as astrology, devotional kirtan, shakti dance and numerology. The words' discover what's at the centre' refer to all the things you'll find here. The phrase also point to the opportunity for self-discovery.


What holistic treatments are on offer?


As well as spiritual counselling and life coaching, we offer therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture, reiki and reflexology.



Wow this is an enchanting

Wow this is an enchanting place.. This would be very relaxing..


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