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Submitted by Raw-Yoga-Teacher on Thu, 07/24/2008 - 16:18.



I am just starting classes here in the UK. When I taught in the US I always had students sign a waiver of liability form (you know how things are in the US!). Anyway, I was wondering what others thoughts on doing the same here are? I don't want hand the waiver out and put my students off.


Suggestions and comments welcome!


Cheerio! Jamie


Hi Jamie, welcome! I don't

Hi Jamie, welcome!

I don't ask my students to sign a waiver form - I just make sure I have adequate insurance. But I know some teachers in the UK do; I think it's your decision.

I think we're still a bit more relaxed over here than in the US, though that may change.

Best wishes, Lucia


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I am not a teacher, but have

I am not a teacher, but have never been asked to sign a liability waiver - and have been to many classes (mainly in London).


However, I have in the past signed a health declaration, which was checked over the first time that I attended the class.



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