Phone yoga hits NYC

Friday 27 June, 2008

It's an unusal week when something supposedly new and outlandish fails to emerge from America. At the moment it's the turn of the bizarre sounding 'phone yoga'.

New York is one of the world's top yoga cities, with a plethora of world-class studios and a loyal army of yoga fans to boot.

Now, it seems, they can take advantage of one-on-one phone yoga sessions for people out of town but still in need of a yoga 'fix'.

Some students are claiming it feels as though the yoga instructor giving instructions across the other end of the room is 'right there with them'.

Julie Wald, owner of Namaste New York, told the 'A lot of our clients travel quite a bit, and are often in remote places or where they're not able to access yoga. They also have very deep and fulfilling relationships wtih their yoga instructors.'

Apparently, Wald has conducted about 20 phone yoga sessions, which she says is the same concept as listening to a DVD or CD, but personalised.

If phone yoga takes of (and in New York, anything's possible) it will be an interesting measure of the huge influence a yoga teacher can have on a student. You could look at the concept a wacky, watered-down Western take on Indian's Guru system.


By Lucia Cockcroft, editor




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