Yoga and meditation help smokers quit

Wednesday 22 March, 2006

Meditation and yoga can be used as a weapon to give up smoking, a US practitioner claims.

Veteran yoga and meditation teacher Dada Vedaprajinananda has launched a new ebook, Start Meditation, Stop Smoking, focusing on how meditation and yoga can break the smoking habit. 

Vedaprajinananda, who has practised yoga for 35 years, says her participating students boast a 100% success rate at giving up smoking this way.  

“The smoking habit can’t coexist in a mind that has become peaceful and balanced due to the regular practice of yoga and meditation”, she says in a report by

Recent research gives weight to Vedaprajinananda’s approach. A study by the Boston University’s School of Dental Medicine found stress management techniques such as yoga can play a key role in successfully giving up smoking.

Research has also shown that most committed ex-smokers stick to their resolution after they’ve managed to abstain for at least one year.

The new ebook is available in a PDF format at

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