We meet ex-Casualty star Georgina Bouzova

She played nurse Ellen Zitek in Casualty, strutted her stuff on Strictly Come Dancing and launched Barefoot Blondie, a yoga clothing company that makes the functional fashionable. Martin Drury talks to Georgina Bouzova.


Q What inspired you to set up your clothing company, Barefoot Blondie?

The clothes I wore for my class weren't comfortable or stretchy enough for yoga. I wanted something eco-friendly, yet fashionable but I couldn't find anything I wanted to wear so I designed a range myself.georgina bouzova

I wanted to give the clothes a sense of humour and have a bit of fun so I designed the logo: a funky blonde girl meditating. Barefoot Blondie was the perfect name because it epitomizes the modern woman: a little bit of spirituality mixed with good old girliness.

Whether your strolling on the beach, surfing, skiing or having lunch with friends, the Barefoot Blondie collection is perfect wear for outside of the yoga class too. The collection features funky, colourful hoodies and plain black bamboo yoga wear.

I chose to make the yoga wear from bamboo as it's the most eco-friendly fabric around and it feels gorgeous on your skin. Pregnancy yoga teachers I know tell me there's nothing for their pupils to wear that's both functional and fashionable. It's perfect for mums-to-be as it's antibacterial, evaporates moisture quickly and is grown without pesticides.

We'll soon be launching the Barefoot Blondie Bags which you can use to carry anything from your yoga kit to your shopping. They're a great alternative to plastic bags and every purchase benefits The Special Yoga Centre in Queens Park which helps special needs children and disadvantaged youngsters to practice and enjoy yoga.

How has yoga enriched your life?

I was hooked after my first class. Studying for my law degree put me under a lot of stress but yoga made me feel centred and balanced.

I remember feeling a sense of bliss and my troubles seemed to float away. I ate healthily because I respected my body more and I found myself less prone to depression and anger- all benefits of practising yoga regularly, something I've been doing for ten years.

Yoga has taught me to be more spiritual, more patient and to have faith in the universe and the flow of life - all very helpful in the up and down life of an actress.


What's your favourite yoga pose?

Savasana gave me a sense of immense wellbeing and I felt I could just "be". Other than that, it would have to be Triangle. I love the feeling of the stretch you get on the side of your body and the feeling of reaching up with one arm and down with the other.

When you come out of it you feel like you've been given a new spine and a few extra inches. You feel wonderful. I've started to experiment with Ashtanga, Bikrum and Vinyasa. Yoga is becoming more and more popular and is benefiting people from all walks of life.

The Barefoot Blondie Loves The Special Yoga Centre bags are available from www.Barefootblondie.com and The Special Yoga Centre.



Interview by Martin Drury


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