Taking a Minute

Sleeping BuddhaThe pace of life means that many of us find it tricky to take time out during the working day to take stock and de-stress.

But even a minute spend re-connecting by focusing on Full Yoga Breathing can make a difference.

  • Find somewhere quiet. Your desk will do, as long as you're not likely to be disrupted. Spend a minute just focusing on your breathing.
  • Breathe deeply, slowly and fully, using every part of your lungs. If you like, place your hands on your abdomen and feel it rise (expand) as you breathe in and fall (contract) as you exhale.
  • Thoughts will come into your head all the time - that's just the way we are wired. Just try not to get involved with those thought trains, and return to the sound and rhythm of your breath as you inhale, exhale.
  • This simple practice has an instantly calming and rejuvenating effect and will help centre you.

Return to this simple, enduring technique at any time during the day when you are feeling stressed or tired.





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