Has yoga given Madonna veiny hands?

Tuesday 25 March, 2008

Madonna is famous for many things, including having a strong yoga practice. But reports last week have focused on the "veiny" appearance of her hands, blamed partly on her rigorous ashtanga yoga sessions.


According to a story in The Telegraph, Madonna's strict training regime, which includes "punishing" yoga sessions, is blamed for the appearance of her hands.

The Daily Mail was even less forgiving, describing the hands of the Queen of Pop as "gnarly and claw-like, and criss-crossed by numerous bulging veins."

Madonna reportedly trains with a mix of ashtanga, piltes and another exercise every day, alternating her third session between karate, running, cycling and horse riding.

Her veiny hands are not entirely surprising; exercise is known to increase blood flow, which can make veins in the arms and hands prominent.

Angelina Jolie has also been in the harsh media glare for veiny arms and wrists, reportedly caused by too much exercise without a proper diet.

Criticised for any sign of a bulge and now for having less-than-flawless hands, it seems the life of a celebrity is not an enviable one.




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