Slipping into yogic life in Goa

yoga goaIn the second of a series of blog posts, Inna Costantini sinks into life in Goa in week two of her yoga teacher training course.


It's the second week of this two-month course and I'm only just starting to ease into a different rhythm and pace.

Now I understand why we were asked to arrive at least a few days - if not a week - before the course began.

It takes the system time to adjust to the environment, food, time change, weather and local lifestyle, especially when coming from a busy city like London.

I consider myself fairly flexible - or more appropriately, adaptable - and having travelled in Asia before, India didn't come across as much of a culture shock.

Having said that, Goa is hardly a fair representation of India - with hoards of backpackers and package tourists, it's more of an Asian Ibiza.

Tucked away a few kilometres from the beach, in a peaceful garden, the Brahmani Yoga centre, where most of my classes are being taught during the first few weeks, is an idyllic pace to study.

The one other aspect I have found truly fascinating so far, apart from each person's individual practice, is the unique path everyone has chosen.

Needless to say, each of the other 12 students come from various backgrounds, but each person also appears to have quite different expectations of the course - why they chose to enroll, what they hope to get out of it, what they plan to do next.

Some have very clear paths and the post-course future all mapped out. Others (like me) are willing to let go and take things each step at a time, not quite knowing what my happen next.

I haven't even started thinking about what I might do after the training - apart from keeping up my practice, whilst hopefully assisting and eventually teaching.

I don't want to think about it too much either - the whole point for me is to take a step back from my unnecessarily busy life and focus on something completely different, and which I am passionately committed to.

Where it will lead me, who knows. The outcome can only be positive - unless I get struck with the inevitable Delhi belly syndrome!

I wouldn't go as far as saying it'll be life changing but let's hope I do take this all in and experience life in a new, eye-opening way.


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Picture: Inna, left, and her teacher, Rachel Hull.


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