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Monday 28 January, 2008

simon low yin yangYoga makes an increasingly regular appearance in our press. But this month has seen more than its fair share of coverage, including a spread on yin/yang yoga and a story in The Telegraph coining the unlikely term, 'yoga rage'.


A couple of weeks ago (read the story here) the paper reported that so-called 'yoga rage' is on the increase, caused by a surge of beginners making the busy classes even more crowded than ever.

Elizabeth Stanley, director of the Life Centre in west London, apparently said: "Classes are probably around 10 per cent fuller than usual at the moment, and, as a result, we get a lot of beginners who are not aware or considerate of those around them."

Mobile phones going off in classes and people rushing to the changing rooms in the middle of Sivasana have all tested the patience of fellow yogis. Stanley added.

The Sivananda centre in London's Putney has seen class sizes double from 15 to 30 over the last few weeks, while Union Yoga in Edinburgh has asked students to observe total silence in the studio.

There was more positive coverage in The Guardian (read the piece here), with a useful round-up of the main schools of yoga.

The journalist neatly sums up the core aims of each school, even going into historical background of the various founders. Interesting to see that the controversial Bikram has been included.

Last but not least: earlier this week, well-known yoga teacher and yin/yang proponent Simon Low had a double page spread in The Independent (read the article here).

The writer reported on her experience attending one of Low's Triyoga workshops, as well as giving Low's new DVD (soon to be reviewed on yoga-abode) a pretty good plug.

There are a couple of slightly dubious inferences in the piece - notably, the writer's claim that yin and yang yoga is "the latest rereading of the ancient Indian system of personal development".

As Low says himself later in the piece, the school emerged from the USA years ago under the American yogis Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley. There's little new about ying/yang yoga, apart from its rapidly growing popularity.

Again, the article includes a handy (for beginners, especially) round-up of the different styles, plus a section on the health benefits.

All this - even the less positive 'yoga rage' report - adds up to some great coverage for yoga this month. It's an impressive reflection of yoga's wide appeal and enduring ability to evolve.


Lucia Cockcroft



Picture: Simon Low's new DVD, Yin and Yang Yoga



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