Research confirms benefits of the neti pot

Wednesday 23 January, 2008

neti potNew research has confirmed what yogis have known for thousands of years - that regular use of a salty nasal wash helps snuffy symptoms of colds and flu. In otherwords, go out and buy a neti pot.


A study of children between the ages of six and ten found that using a seawater nasal wash can improve the symptoms of colds and even stop them catching other germs.

One group was given standard medication, while the other was told to use a nasal wash with a modified seawater solution.

Patients were observed for 12 weeks and were assessed over four visits, as reported in The Daily Mail.

After eight weeks of the study, which was conducted int he Czech Republic, those using the saline solution had fewer sore throats, coughs, blocked and running noses than the other group.

Evidence shows that salt washes reduce the production of inflammatory compounds or create a favourable environment for cilia - tiny hairs in the respiratory system - to banish mucus.

Yogis have traditionally used neti pots containing salty water to remove mucus, help prevent respiratory tract infections, relieve allergies and colds, and even treat headaches and migrains.

The practice is one of the kriyas - or purification techniques - performed to ensure optimum physical and spiritual health.

Neti pots can be brought by mainstream yoga suppliers, including Yogamatters and


Picture source: Yogamatters



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