USA holds fourth Yoga Day

Friday 18 January, 2008

YOGA DAYThe USA's ninth annual Yoga Day takes place on January 26. Studios across the country will hold workshops, some of which will be raising money for charity.


Yoga Day USA was set up by The Yoga Alliance in 1999 to raise awareness of yoga's benefits by offering widespread free or low cost workshops.

Just one class can help counter the effects of stress, the organisers say - as well as boosting general wellbeing, strength and flexibility.

Up to 90% of all visitors to the doctor in the USA are down to stress-related complaints, according to the American Psychological Association. Yoga helps combat this by lowering levels of cortisol - or stress hormones.

Ability or experience is not a prerequisite to take part in the workshops - all that's needed is a willingness to be open.

Yoga Day USA is sponsored by Yoga Alliance, Yoga and Joyful Living, as well as Yoga Journal, Maya, and Mindbody online.

For a list of Yoga Day USA workshops, visit




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