Australian fitness instructors take a lesson in yoga

Wednesday 12 December, 2007

gymAustralian-based fitness instructors who also teach yoga will be required to undertake 320 hours of yoga training from next year.


Yoga Teachers Association of Australia and Fitness Australia have reached an agreement that will give fitness teachers a more thorough grounding in the theory of yoga.

The course will include the psychology, philosophy and theory of yoga as well as the all-important physical aspect such as alignment in postures.

Yoga Teachers Assocation of Australia (YTAA) president Stephen Penman tells "Up to now most fitness instructors will have done a short course to teach a yoga class.

"The new standard will take a year or two to come about as instructors do the additional training."

Crucial elements of yoga such as philosophy and pranayama (breathing techniques) are more likely to be brought into fitness instructors' teaching after they have completed the course, he adds.

The news will delight those in the yoga industry who have long argued that conventional fitness instructors are ill-equipped to teach more than the very basics of yoga.


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I think this can only be a

I think this can only be a good thing - and perhaps will soon be something that is happening in the UK too.

Gyms seems all too oftern to be taught by people that teach yoga in a similar manner as an average aerobics class - and as yoga grows in in popularity in the west, surely more and more fitness instructors will jump on the bandwagon.

I am a massage therapist and

I am a massage therapist and yoga teacher. After living for 7 years in India and returning to Belgium I decided to go back to school to become a fitness instructor, personal trainer; because yoga in Belgium is a lot of asana work. It takes time to move from a tense body into a relaxing body. I felt I needed more background in anatomy, fysiology... I also feel that I can understand now how the fysical body moves, what helps a lot in preparing my lessons. But both are different studies and one can not ad some yoga lessons for fitness instructors and vica verca. But I do like the idee that the sports world is implementing the good that yoga can bring.

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