It's slimey and green - and you could be wearing it

Thursday 22 November, 2007

lululemonYoga retailer Lululemon has confirmed that seaweed extracts are present in some of its clothing. The statement follows claims that the alleged seaweed content could be false.


The firm, which sells popular yoga products and clothing, says independent tests have confirmed the content of the VitaSea product line to be consistent with labels and claims.

Gerhard Neudorfer, sales and marketing director for supplier SeaCell Fibers, says: "We pride ourselves on our quality control and oversight in all of our manufacturing processes.

"SeaCell is permanently incorporated in the spun fibrfe we provide to Lululemon and is of the highest quality."

To create the fibre, SeaCell, which is a sweaweed derivative, is combined with a cellulose material and spun into a special fabric.

Tests carried out in June 2007 confirmed the presence of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the fabric - all of which, the company says, can help reduce stress and boost hydration, as well s the body's ability to detox.

But recent claims by The New York Times stated that the seaweed product claims made by Lululemon might be false. The story sent company shares falling by almost 5 per cent on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Lululemon floated as a public company in August this year. For the first six months to July 31, 2007, the firm posted a 70% increase in revenue after tax - to $103.5m.

The firm plans 17 new stores in the second half of this year, and up to 35 new outlets in 2008.



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