Yoga and exercise can help breast cancer sufferers

Friday 14 September, 2007

yogaYoga may improve the quality of life of women with early stage breast cancer, Canadian researchers report. Improvements in wellbeing were found after women took gentle yoga classes every week for three months.


A sister study of 242 people found that women with the illness also benefited from regular aerobic and weight training exercise. Also, that weight lifters were more likely to complete their chemotherapy.

Previous research concurs with these findings. A group of 84 breast cancer patients in New York found that a gentle weekly yoga class helped them feel calmer and less emotionally depeleted than those who did not do the classes.

Alyson Moadel, author of the study, said: "I think the yoga class helped them with a sense of community. It helps them relax and slow down and stops racing thoughts."

Other research has found regular yoga practice can counter the often debilitating effects of chemotherapy.


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Picture source: Wellbeing Escapes


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