Kundalini - your thoughts?

Submitted by editor on Thu, 06/28/2007 - 13:15.

I keep bumping into Kundalini enthusiasts and admit to never having tried it out.

From my (rather limited) knowledge, I gather there's quite a mystical take on it, with lots of focus on rising energy.

Wondered if anyone had tried it and how they found it compared to other, more "conventional" styles?




Hi Lucia, Haven't tried

Hi Lucia, Haven't tried Kundalini. Raising the kundalini is a very delicate process - the body and mind must be extremely pure and free of blockages or the energy of the rising kundalini can cause huge problems ( people have been known to go pretty crazy ). For that reason i am wary of Kundalini Yoga, which i have heard teaches some of the very strong breathing techniques to relative beginners. However, i haven't tried it so perhaps am not qualified to pass judgement.

Did you do the TTC yet Lucia?


Ben Ralston

Prem Yoga School


That's all interesting, Ben

That's all interesting, Ben - not sure if I'm over-keen to give it a go!

I'm doing the Sivananda teacher training in October this year, in northern California. Can't wait!  Though am scared too.

Editor - Yoga-abode

 I do not wan't to talk

 I do not wan't to talk negatively about kundalini yoga but it wasn't for me personaly. I am not a very spiritual  person and this type of yoga really irritated my back.  I have since found my niche in other styles of yoga, cured my back pain (from a career in construction) and just recently got my doctor's approval to stop my bood pressure meds because I  no longer need it thanks to yoga!

The question before us is

The question before us is what is Kundalini and her true nature. Does she exists, if yes, then how one can experience her. Is She something as depicted in the Shatcakra Nirupana of Kalicharana (translated by Arthur Avalon as The Serpent Power) or as preached by the modern yogis. No, actually it is not so. Without proper understanding She cannot be known.

She is Aditi (the divine creatrix) of the Vedas, Uma Haimavati of the Upanishads, Shakti and Kundalini of the Tantras, Maya of Shankara.

Kundalini is unity consciousness’ creative freedom consisting of the union of the three levels of existence – unity consciousness, unity in diversity and diversity. The powers of the absolute, will and the unfolding of knowledge held together in harmonious union represent her. She is the goddess presiding over those subjects to the incessant round of transmigration, creating as she does for the ignorant the world of diversity and illusion, and is also the bestower of unity-consciousness to those who have overcome ignorance.

As the dynamics of consciousness, she empowers mantra. This vitality which is the inner urge of consciousness emanates all things and is the reflective awareness that constantly pours out from the heart of consciousness and resounds within it as the highest form of speech, paravak....

More on this in the next post



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