Does massage enhance yoga practice?

Michael Pitrone
Submitted by Michael Pitrone on Fri, 06/08/2007 - 00:56.

I am a massage therapist and wonder if anybody out there uses massage to enhance or to recover from their yoga practice. If so what do you feel the benifit of massage is?

Does it help with your flow by warming you up before your practice?

Does it help push past your limits or give you greater flexability?

Could massage before yoga help with more difficult poses?

Have you ever used massage to recover from an intense practice session?

Any feedback would be helpful even better questions would help.


Michael Pitrone LMT



Hi Michael, in the past I

Hi Michael, in the past I have had massages before and after practising yoga and have found it's a very beneficial thing to do.

It's great for promoting a feeling of general wellbeing, warming up muscles and helping with flexibility - especially in the shoulder and back areas.

For wellbeing, I'd say having a massage after a class helps with further relaxation - there's nothing like a lovely aromatherapy massage after a session of Sivasana (corpse pose!).

A massage before a practice can help in more practical ways - preparing the body for movement, though I wouldn't generally opt for a massage beforehand, for fear of falling asleep in class...

Hope this helps a little,



Editor - Yoga-abode

Hi Michael,Yes I would

Hi Michael,

Yes I would definitely say that a massage helps with the physical aspects of my yoga practice.

As someone that suffers with stiff shoulders, I have found that a massage can help me ease into asanas that I would normally find too strong.

However, there would seem to be number of different types of massage  techniques e.g, indian head massage. As therapist - what sort of massage would you recommend ?





Hi Jeff it sounds like you

Hi Jeff it sounds like you would benifit from myofascial release and maybe some trigger point work. Personally I like to do arm pulls on clients that have shoulder problems then some deep tissue work on pec minor, traps, and Lats. There are often trigger points that hold these muscles in a shortened position.

Hope this helps

Michael Pirone LMT

Hi Michael,Thanks for the

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the advice - I have not heard of myofascial release before - but will look around for some UK therapists that offer this sort of massage. 

Can you advise, is the a particular "school" of massage therapist, that I should be looking for ? I see in our local clinics, that the therapist offer "sports massage", "swiss massage" etc.

Thanks again for the advice



Sorry to take so long

Sorry to take so long getting back to you it has been a busy week. Mayofascial release is often done along with trgger point work, deep tissue work and perhaps sports massage. It is a way to stretch connective tissue to make more room for the muscles it surrounds. It is a pretty populaar here in Ohio. You might want to look up John Barns and read about him and his work.

Hope this helps,

Michael Pitrone LMT

Sorry for the goofy spelling

Sorry for the goofy spelling mistakes the font is very tiny and the light in this room is terrible.



I think a good massage is

I think a good massage is welcome and the usage of acetyl-l carnitine also. Combined they can do miracles for your body.

I think yoga practice

I think yoga practice definitely depends on the person and the massage as well. There are people that respond differently to such stimulants. I think the yoga practice as any other meditation practice requires a high level of physic comfort. I practice yoga for 5 month now and I am thinking to get a meditation bench <link removed> for higher comfort.

This forum is becoming an

This forum is becoming an advertising board - editors, can't you delete the ads (ie meditation bench above!)? If they were good ads it would be something...

Ben Ralston

Prem Yoga School

Hi Ben,Thank you for

Hi Ben,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Although the link does not appear to directly connect to a site selling the product, it is not relevant to the orignal forum topic that was posted. On this basis it has therefore been removed.

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Hi,I am using sport massage


I am using sport massage and Thai yoga massage. Do you have any experience with that? Facilitated stretching is also a good way to loosen up the muscles. The sports massage and facilitates stretching are pure on a fysical level. Thats why I like the Thai Yoga massaga so much, you also work on the energy lines.


I currently attend a yoga

I currently attend a yoga and massage school in arizona, so I'm frequently combining the two in my sessions. I've found an enormous difference in practicing yoga with and without a preliminary massage. If you are thinking of pursuing this idea as a business or add on to a yoga studio, I'd say go for it. I would be your first customer!

Absolutely.It gives more

Absolutely.It gives more relaxation to me,and makes me feel very light after having it.



Yoga and massage would make

Yoga and massage would make you feel and look good. It is very healthy to have both on our daily routine. It gives our body and mind a full relaxation which our body needs.


Yoga and massage would

Yoga and massage would really be beneficial to our body. Massage before and after would make you relax, therefore, you would be more focused during the yoga.


Yoga and massage really

Yoga and massage really really for the body but Yoga can do what massage cannot. Both massage and Yoga can help reduce stress but with yoga you can gain in concentration through the means of medication and really perform better.



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