Men are turning to yoga, says exclusive poll

Friday 9 March, 2007

Yoga is perceived as becoming increasingly popular among men, an exclusive survey by yoga-abode has found. Sixty per cent of respondents definitely think yoga is now enjoying a greater male following, while 31% said this was part of a gradual shift. Only 9% believed men were not taking to yoga.

The survey results support anecdotal evidence that yoga is losing its reputation in some quarters as a softly-softly activity with few substantial physical benefits.

Bikram, where a series of 26 postures are practised in a studio heated to 105 degrees, is especially popular amongst men, with male attendance comprising around 40% in an average class.

Ashtanga's proven aerobic and all-round fitness benefits also attracts a higher numbers of male students, compared to a 20% average in a general hatha class.

The yoga-abode survey was based on answers polled by 80 respondents.






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