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I am interested in what motivates people to do yoga, day in, day out. I have been practicing now for about five years. However, it has to be said that my yoga practice is at best sporadic.

I will go through phases, where I simply cannot get enough. I will then have a pause and I can barely gather enthusiasm to start a few asanas, let alone meditate.

When I do it, I always feel fantastic afterwards. But I guess this is just not enough, otherwise that would inspire me to do everyday.

So what am I missing? What is it that makes people practice day-in day out?

I would love to hear!Undecided


 "When I do it, I always

 "When I do it, I always feel fantastic afterwards"

It's not that this isn't enough. It's just that the human race has become very very lazy. Our lives are so 'comfortable' that we don't have the motivation to do much about a very simple reality: we're not happy. All anyone wants is to feel fantastic all the time, and deep down we know that it's possible, but in this technological age it takes a great deal of discipline. We tend to choose the comfortable option over the hard work option. We have to nurture discipline in ourselves. The thing that helped me most was doing a Yoga teachers training course. For a month i got up every day at 5.30, and worked my nuts off all day, learning v simple, common sense stuff that for some strange reason they don't teach you at school. After that i found that i had sown the seed of discipline, and it just kept growing.

We'll all get there eventually, it's just a question of how many lives do you want to go through being, at best, 'comfortable'?

I' be happy to give you some practical tips that might help - email me if ur interested.

Ben Ralston

Prem Yoga School


Hi Ben - thanks for this

Hi Ben - thanks for this advice, I'm sending you an email.



Hi BenVery interesting to

Hi Ben

Very interesting to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you!! I can certainly identify with the fact that people are lazy, taking the easy option is far more appealing that the hard one.

I have since started a morning practice, and so far, so good!! It is pretty tough at times, but hopefully will get easier

Thanks Smile

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