New yoga bus helps commuters de-stress

Wednesday 21 February, 2007

A new yoga bus is helping Israeli commuters de-stress. The bus has been running for the last three Tuesdays, and is the brainchild of 21-year old yoga teacher Miri Harovi. "Because of our history of terror on buses, it's very important to do yoga to relax and show everyone that life is stronger than fear", she says.


Harovi, who is quoted in, says the idea came to her in the middle of the night. She then approached a Tel Aviv bus company, who readily agreed to take her - literally - on board.

It's hoped the programme will continue and expand. She and her husband, Gilad Harovi, are known for their campaigns to promote yoga on Israeli television and in public schools.

The Israeli yoga bus is not the first attempt at encouraging commuters to chill out. In late 2005, teams of yoga instructors were placed on "wellness" trains in southern Germany as part of a widespread drive to calm workers.

The move followed an EU study showing that 28% of German workers were highly stressed.


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