Be warned: it's Trev the yogic builder again....

Wednesday 13 December, 2006

Trev yogic builderThe inimitable Trev the yogic builder has a new DVD out, aimed at helping one to "make more cash, impress the birds, improve your footie skills and keep the wife off your back."


The film, the pithily named Yoga 4 Fellas with Trev the Yogic Builder: the only yoga teacher who can drink ten pints, is set to hit the shelves in time for Christmas.

According to a story in the Metro, comedian Ailon Free's DVD for boozy workmen featuring his character, Trev, includes eight yoga poses adapted for "everyday situations" - down the pub, on the building site, with the missus.....

Viewers are also treated to footage of a topless yoga angel (erm....), tips on how to achieve the perfect builder's bum (horray! Just what we've always wanted to know - ed) and a routine performed by a bikini-clad female.

But perhaps most surprising of all: Trev - aka Mr Free, who used to be a real life yoga teacher before turning to "comedy" - has apparently been signed up by a TV company.

Watch this space, if you can bear it...

Lucia Cockcroft, editor


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