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I'm interested in people's experiences of ashrams in India, but from a student's - not a trainee teacher's - point of view. Any recommendations would be great (and tips: were the 4.30am starts unbearable?!)


Ashrams could be fun?....

Ashrams could be fun?.... 

I have been thinking for some time that it would be great to further my practice in an Ashram. But just how grulling is it ??

Any one know of any good ashrams ?

Well, i have been a student

Well, i have been a student in an ashram as well as a trainee teacher, and more recently i have also worked as staff in various ashrams. And 'fun' is not a word i would use to describe the experience Jeff, sorry! Yes it is gruelling, but in my experience there is no gain in this world without some pain, and discipline is an integral part of a spiritual life. The 5.30 starts are not unbearable once u get used to them. Of course it's hard at first, but what are u, a (wo)man or a mouse? The harder an experience is, the more we learn from it. I recommend the Sivananda organisation. No one that works in that organisation gets paid. At all. So u don't have to fear that u are being exploited financially. Also it is a very ethical organisation, and the ashrams are beautiful. The yoga that they teach is pure and grounded in the classical teachings. If u can afford to spend a month there i am sure you will benefit enormously in many ways. I did a 2 day retreat once and felt the benefit for months.

Good luck :)

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