Top selling US yoga magazine snapped up

Wednesday 13 September, 2006

Yoga Journal, the US magazine that helped to bring yoga into the mainstream, has been bought by Active Interest Media. Over the last six years, the title's circulation tripled to 331,000, and its profile changed from a niche 'new age' title to one read avidly by mostly working women in their thirties and forties.

Over 16 million Americans practice yoga, according to a 2005 survey, many of whom aim to combat stress and long working hourse. The number of registered yoga instructors in the US has also rocketed - from 2,000 five years ago, to around 14,000 today.

Future plans for the magazine include building a platform to attract increasingly national advertisers, such as hybrid-car manufacturers and health brands. There are thought to be no plans to change the editorial focus.

Active Interest Media also owns Vegetarian Times and Southwest Art.


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