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Submitted by Rachel on Mon, 07/03/2006 - 13:49.

I am thinking of doing a yoga foundation course, with a view to perhaps learning to teach at a later stage. But I can't seem to find a foundatation course starting this September 2006 in my area - North/East London (Stoke Newington to be precise). I would like to do a 6 month course if possible.

Does anyone know of any good foundation courses they could recommend,
or at least to point me in the right direction?

Or if any one wants to share any thoughts/ experiences about the
foundation course that would be great too!



Hi Rachel,I am not aware of

Hi Rachel,

I am not aware of any foundation courses in Stoke Newington (have you asked at yoga home?), but I understand the yoga junction do run such course which is based at Finsbury Park (so not too far).  Not been on one personally, but have heard good reports.

Details of yoga junction can be found at

Hopefully someone  else on the forum may have more direct experiences... but hope that helps



www.druyoga.comYoga holidays

Yoga holidays in beautiful North Wales

Dru Yoga and Meditation teacher training

Hi there Rachel I would

Hi there Rachel


I would recommend you getting in touch with Dru Yoga London as they are starting a 240 hour Yoga Alliance registered yoga course in September. Check out

Take care

Yoga holidays in beautiful North Wales

Dru Yoga and Meditation teacher training

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