Ecover produces guide to greener living

Friday 9 June, 2006

ecover logoGreen products manufacturer Ecover has published a mini-guide to green living at home. The 66-page pocket book, Healthy Homes - easy ideas for greener living, takes the reader through the home, explaining where waste can be saved. 

The booklet is forwarded by well-known ecological columnist Lucy Siegle.
Siegle says: “People want to make a difference but aren’t quite sure how – the Ecover Healthy Homes book is in plain English and doesn’t complicate the matter.”

Ecover was launched in 1980, and has become increasingly mainstream, now appearing on most supermarket shelves. Sales were up 30 per cent last year, buoyed by the fact that 34% of UK consumers now use green cleaning products daily.

Copies of the new mini-guide, which cost £3, can be ordered from

Think about it – tips from the mini-guide:

  • Around 70,000 chemicals are used in conventional cosmetics and toiletries but less than a quarter have been fully tested for safety
  • A shower uses only 40% of the water of a bath.
  • Most people recycle 11% of their household raise. With some thought – and the use of composting – this can be pushed up to 90%.
  • £424 of food is thrown away by each person in the UK every year; enough to buy 530 loaves of bread.

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