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Can anyone advise me on the best asana'a for tight shoulders and neck? This is something that I have struggled with for some years now, and although people say that yoga is good loosening up the shoulders, I am not sure which asana's are good or bad!

No doubt it is something to do with the number of hours that I spend in front of a PC. So, I would be greatful for any thoughts...



Hi Darren,I can't think of

Hi Darren,

I can't think of any Asanas that WON'T help, and the best way to do it is just practice regularly. U can't really do one or 2 asanas and think that the problem will go away... it's more a question of adapting your lifestyle slightly. Find a good class, and in the meantime, get the book "Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha". The simple exercises at the start of the book will help... also cut down on chocolate and caffeine - these cause muscular tension in those areas. Whereabouts are u in the world - i may be able to point u to a good class :)

Hi Ben,s Thanks for the

Hi Ben,

 Thanks for the advice. I am guilty of eating too much chocolate and (definately) too much coffee. So, useful insight there. Thanks! I go to a regular class in East London, which is great.  Although, due to my tightness of shoulders I frequently come out feeling slightly worse than when I went in (normally after shoulder stands).

However, this class is a once per week event, and maybe I need to practice yoga more frequently (any thoughts?). If you know of other good classes in the east of london, then I would love to hear about them.


I'm afraid i don't know the

I'm afraid i don't know the East of London... but coming out of a class feeling worse is not a good sign. What style is it? Perhaps it's too strong - if u work too hard to begin with, u aggravate the tension. Tension has to be eased out slowly... using gentle practice and dietary adjustments, etc. If u try to work it too hard it will only hold u back longer. If u sort your diet out, and practice regularly and gently for a while, you should feel an improvement. If you can get down to Putney, i recommend doing the beginners course at the Sivananda Yoga centre - Yoga 1. U can do it twice a week for a month, and it'll help alot i'm sure.

I, too, suffer with tight

I, too, suffer with tight shoulders and neck mainly due to stress and of course sitting in front of a computer for most of the day. So what am I doing sitting here at midnight?! Just found this site and thought it was interesting!

I recently had a very good massage while on holiday in Crete, recommended by my yoga-teacher sister (she lives out there, lucky thing) and it really helped my neck and shoulders. I try to eat as healthily as possible and make a concerted effort not to scrunch my shoulders up when in bed. As a reflexologist I would also suggest a couple of treatments - great for releasing tension. Are there any in your area? All this together with your yoga practice should help the problem. Good luck with your yoga!

Hi Ben / HeyJudeThanks both

Hi Ben / HeyJude

Thanks both for the great advise. I bought the recommended book that, it looks promising .. but not got very far through it yet (arrived yesterday), and will try to step up my yoga practise.

Never tried reflexology, but will give it a go. I know of a good natural health clinic near my home which I am sure would do it.

I will take your recommendations on board and see how it goes...

Thanks again


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