Bikram goes big in London

Thursday 4 May, 2006

bikram classTwo more Bikram centres are planned for London this year, adding weight to claims that it’s the UK's fastest-growing yoga style. 

The new Bikram studios will open in Southwalk and Richmond later in the year, in addition to the five centres already thriving in The Capital.

These are: Queens Park, Kentish Town, City, Chiswick and the newest addition in Fulham. Bikram organisers say there is scope for up to 20 dedicated Bikram centres in London, with two or three in each major UK city.

Currently, Brighton and Leicester are the only cities outside London with Bikram centres.  

Harvey Koniak, director of the Queens Park and City branches, says: “Bikram is probably the fastest growing yoga in this UK. It’s wide open to have studios all over the country, and we are getting as many as 70 studios in each class."

Bikram – a series of 26 postures, practised in a studio heated to 105 degrees F – is particularly popular among men, who comprise 40% of an average class. This compares to around 20% in a standard yoga class.  

But Bikram’s popularity in the UK seems tame compared to The States, which has up to 700 dedicated Bikram centres. San Francisco alone hosts 40.


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