The Book of Tibetan Medicine

This beautifully illustrated book is for anyone interested in holistic healing and looking for an alternative to modern medicine. Author Ralph Quinland Forde shines the ancient art of Tibetan Healing in a contemporary light.


Forde, a holistic medical consultant, qualified herbalist and aromatherapist, is a practising Tibetan Buddist and founder of the Medicine Buddha Foundation. He has written extensively for IVENUS, The Independent on Sunday and Irish Examiner.


Here, the author uses his clear and concise writing style to demonstrate how one of the oldest medical systems in the world aligns to many of today's most popular alternative principles, such as organic foods and eating with in season, natural herbal medicines, and balance between body and mind. Forde brings centuries old wisdoms into the modern world.


Tibetan Medicine looks not only at cure, but prevention. Achieving holistic good health for a lifetime by balancing diet, yoga, meditation and consciousness. Parallels can be drawn between this and the equally old Indian Ayurvedic system of healing and wellbeing.


A comprehensive look at this ancient integrative healing system, and its spiritual and medical foundation, this book is the first illustrated guide to the Tibetan healing system to be published to date.


Beginning with a thorough overview of the origins and history of this system, which has been practised for over 1,000 years in Tibet, this book then takes these practices into the twenty-first century.


It is a manual for learning, demonstrating how you can easily apply these ancient techniques to both cure and prevent illness. The practice divides the population into three constitutional types, and Forde guides the reader through their own self-diagnosis.


He unpacks how your blend of the three key energies of Tibetan medicine influence your health. Along with this other diagnostic tools such as tongue, pulse, urine and astrological diagnosis, are all clearly explained for the reader to apply to themselves.


With an in-depth look at contemporary ailments, such as stress and allergies, this highly accessible book brings the ancient discipline of Tibetan traditional medicine into the here and now, and with it shows you how you can use it improve your own wellbeing.

The Book of Tibetan Medicine, How to use Tibetan healing for personal wellbeing,
by Ralph Quinlan Fordes, published by Gaia, is out from 15th May, priced £14.99.


Review by Alison Batley


Alison Batley is a freelance journalist based in London. She has practised yoga for nine years, and has studied with both the British Wheel of Yoga and Association of Yoga Studies. She can be contacted at




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